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Case study: translation of business website and product brochures

1 November 2021 by AdamWeave43

Case study: horticultural supplier in the Netherlands has business website and product brochures translated into English for international market

A supplier of horticultural products based in the Netherlands recently turned to Weaving Words for the translation of its business website and product brochures from Dutch into English. The company sells mostly sundry items and specialist pest-control products (beneficials) to growers and cultivators in the Benelux and is looking to capture more of the international market, particularly the UK. The website, which is comprehensive, and includes product information sheets and instructions for all beneficials, took around ten days to complete and involved careful research of products, ingredients and specialist information, while the product brochures took around one week to translate. The client is looking forward to increased sales through its website and brochures thanks to high-quality translation from Weaving Words.

If you are considering translation of your business website, product information, product brochures or other customer information, please get in touch.