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Case study: translation of immigration documents

27 November 2021 by AdamWeave43

Case study: contractors from Belgium working in the UK temporarily after Brexit have package of immigration documents translated into English

A client working in immigration law recently contacted Weaving Words to discuss the possibility of having a package of immigration documents translated on behalf of a firm of contractors coming to the UK to carry out construction work in London. Before the UK left the European Union, EU citizens were able to work in the UK without excessive paperwork, but since 1 January 2021, new rules have applied. Weaving Words took the paperwork, which included company formation information, past invoices, contracts, e-mails and other correspondence, and translated it all from Dutch (Flemish) into English. The total amounted to some 60 documents covering five people employed by the contracting firm, and all documents were translated and delivered successfully to the client in under two weeks. The client reported back that all documents were gratefully received and that the five Belgian workers had successfully obtained their authorisation from the UK immigration authorities with the help of our translations. They are now busy working on their project.

If you need to have immigration documents translated into English, or think you might need to translation services in order to be compliant post-Brexit, please get in touch.