Adam Haynes – Professional Translation Services

Technical translation

Dotting the Is and crossing the Ts

Technical translations help businesses as diverse as manufacturers, engineering firms, food producers, electronics suppliers, and farmers. I translate technical documentation, from instruction manuals and specifications to websites and product brochures.

Instruction manuals

Follow the steps, join the dots

Turning the translation of instruction manuals into an art form. Whether an industrial assembly line, WiFi router or ride-on lawn mower, I am well versed in the conventions used in instruction manuals as well as all applicable standards and directives.

Environment and renewables

Green, greener, greenest

I have amassed considerable experience in the fields of green energy, renewables and the circular economy and am proud to work with clients in these world-changing industries. My renewables and green energy translation portfolio covers all documentation and material to support the energy transition.


The seeds of innovation

I love to immerse myself in horticultural practices and to contribute to this vital industry. Whether it’s cultivation practices in food crops or ornamental crops, beneficials/natural enemies, import and export documentation or product brochures, my translation services have horticulture nicely covered.


From field to fork

Whether ‘smart farming’ or traditional agricultural methods, agriculture plays a vital role in feeding the world. My translation services for the agricultural industry cover all documentation relating to agricultural machinery and processes, fertilisers, crop and food processing and livestock as well as health and safety.

Business and private documents

Individual care and attention

Every business and private individual has a unique set of requirements. I am skilled in the translation of a wide range of business and official documentation, from contracts and marketing materials to reports and tenders. I also translate certificates and documents for immigration and other government/official purposes.